Hi! My name is Michelle. I am a passionate and shameless quilter, sewer and creator.   

I live in Brisbane, Queensland with my husband and 3 daughters, and have been sewing in some form my whole life.  When I discovered quilting (nearly 25 years ago... eek!) I immediately knew I had found a passion that I would pursue for life.  

 I love the entire process of quilting, and and the opportunity this gives to design and 'create'.  For me, the process of making is just as important  (and sometimes more) than the actual finished product.  I love too, what all that 'therapy' produces and represents. It is an item of love and self expression which can be given to loved ones. 

 I have been lucky enough to work in a quilt shop for a number of years (although I still struggle to call it 'work').  I also teach a variety of classes from 'Beginners'  to more advanced projects and techniques.   

I also design and publish my own patterns, a dream I've held for many years.  So please, enjoy the journey as I share it here on my Lemon Jellie website.




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